Clubs at SIHM

The clubs are a simple substitute for electives wherein a student has to voluntarily to additional work under supervision of the president of the respective club over and above the required curriculum. His/her achievements would reflect in his/her CV and placement records.

Chef’s Club

The chef club is initiated in SIHM with the mission to increase the quality of culinary education and food preparation. It also aims to nurture the skills and knowledge in aspiring students so that they have and edge and sense of responsibility in relation to food and services. So far students of the Chef clubs are involved in following activities:

  • Ganpati Prasad Preparation
  • Lunch Preparation For Delegates
  • Cookie Preparation
  • Herbs –Theory Topic Exercise
  • Sausage –Theory Topic Exercise
  • Women’s Day – Pink Theme Lunch

Food & Beverage Club: “New Beginning Endless Possibilities”

The club aims to develop the understanding Global Food & Beverage Market; its operations among the students. It offers student members a unique opportunity to develop learning experiences outside their classroom and to explore, grow, lead and share hospitality and real world skills.

Prodigies Club

Welcome to the Prodigies Club, where brilliance extends from academia to hospitality. In our Front Office, intellectual prowess meets administrative finesse. Accomplished prodigies manage inquiries and events, ensuring a seamless academic experience. Meanwhile, our Housekeeping department maintains a pristine environment, harmonizing with the academic brilliance that defines our institution. Meticulous prodigies transform cleanliness into an art form, creating a conducive space for learning. The synergy between our Front Office and Housekeeping departments exemplifies our commitment to both intellectual excellence and a nurturing campus atmosphere. Join the Prodigies Club, where every facet, from academics to ambiance, is crafted with prodigious attention to detail.

Yuva Tourism Club

SIHM, in alignment with the Government of India's visionary initiatives, has taken a commendable step by establishing the Yuva Tourism Club. This strategic move reflects SIHM's commitment to youth development and its recognition of the pivotal role the younger generation plays in shaping the future of Indian tourism. The Yuva Tourism Club, under the auspices of SIHM, aims to channel the exuberance and dynamism of youth towards exploring the rich cultural and natural treasures of the nation. By actively participating in this initiative, students not only gain firsthand knowledge of India's diverse heritage but also contribute to the promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism practices, aligning with the government's broader goals for the sector. SIHM's embrace of the Yuva Tourism Club reinforces its dedication to holistic education and fostering a sense of responsibility and pride among the future custodians of India's tourism legacy.