National Collaboration

National collaboration between institutes and industry partners is pivotal for fostering innovation, economic growth, and societal advancement. By synergizing academic expertise with industrial resources, such collaborations accelerate research and development, leading to breakthrough technologies and products. They facilitate knowledge exchange, providing students with practical insights and skillsets aligned with industry needs. Moreover, collaborative projects address real-world challenges, driving sustainable solutions and enhancing competitiveness in global markets. Through joint initiatives, institutes gain access to funding, infrastructure, and market insights, while industries benefit from cutting-edge research, talent acquisition, and market expansion opportunities. Ultimately, this symbiotic relationship drives progress, shaping the future of industries and society.


seychelles tourism academy
SIHM has forged a significant partnership with INLEAD, a prominent entrepreneurship development institute based in
Gurgaon. This collaboration aims to empower SIHM students with cutting edge entrepreneurship development training. By
leveraging INLEAD’s expertise in fostering entrepreneurship skills and fostering innovation, SIHM is providing its students
with a unique opportunity to excel in the dynamic hospitality industry. This engagement will equip students with the
knowledge and tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs and innovators, ensuring they are well prepared to tackle
the challenges and opportunities of the modern hospitality landscape.

1000 Island Hotels and Resorts

seychelles tourism academy
SIHM have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts, opening up new avenues of opportunities for SIHM students in the hospitality industry. A key aspect of this collaboration is the recruitment of SIHM students by 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts. The MOU establishes a structured framework to facilitate seamless placement processes, ensuring that SIHM graduates have access to various career opportunities within the well-known hospitality chain. This is an important step in ensuring that SIHM students receive the best possible exposure to the hospitality industry.